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3/4 binding sunflower with copper accent  - gallery - engagement


your idea + my craftsmanship = a one-of-a-kind heirloom


gallery - engagement


This book was commissioned to serve as a journal AND an engagement ring presentation piece. The look of the cover (including sunflowers, animal skulls, and the colors chosen for the leather) is highly customized to reflect the interests and preferences of the recipient. This book was made to be 1" thick to allow for square cut-outs through some of the pages where a ring could be attached for the proposal. After the proposal, the book could be used as a journal. She said "yes".


engagement sunflower large


3/4 binding sunflower engagement ring book with copper accent


- 200 pages (400 sides) - roughly 1" thick

- page size 6" wide by 9" tall

- pages are archival mohawk superfine text in smooth finish soft white

- teal ribbon page marker

- custom printed title page

- black endpapers

- cover is a 3/4 binding with turquoise and yellow goatskin leathers over hand-carved binder's board and matte board

- center of sunflower on cover textured with small beads under the leather to give a "seed" appearance, covered with hand-pared black goatskin leather

- copper ring around seeds hand-forged from copper sheet by me, cut by hand with a jeweler's saw, domed to fit the center of the flower, tumble-polished and sealed with clear sealer to preserve the metallic shine and prevent oxidation

- raised cords on spine

- lettering added using moveable metal type, hot foil stamping, and black stampig pigment

- animal skulls on spine added using custom metal dies, hot foil stamping, and black stamping pigment

- square cut-out inside book to hold a ring (not pictured) with ribbon ties to secure the ring in place

- approximately $490

(in additioan, the two custom dies for stamping the animal skulls on the spine added approximately another $150 to the cost of this order)


engagement sunflower detail large



engagement sunflower front sm


engagement sunflower whole cover sm


engagement sunflower flat


engagement sunflower open









This book was designed to be written-in, as well as to hold an engagement ring for a proposal.  My cusotmer wanted a very classic 3/4 binding with lots of personal touches.  The book cover consists of dark brown goatskin leather and eggshell linen book cloth.  The cover is accented (front and back) with copper lines, several decorations stamped using custom metal dies, and lettering in copper foil.  My customer went on to customize the inside with her own artwork and she also made a lovely cloth wrap that would protect the book over the years.  These projects are truly collaborations and this one is a good illustration of why I enjoy that aspect of this work so much.  I like to make something that my customer is picturing and I love to see what they do with the book and how they make it their own.


custom engagement ring book in three quarter binding


3/4 binding engagement ring book


- page size 9 and 1/2" wide by 12" tall

 - 228 pages (456 page sides to write on)

- french marbled endpapers

- this book has a printed title page, then 28 intact pages, then 100 pages with a square cut-out to hold the engagement ring, then 160 intact pages at the back of the book for writing on over the years

- the ring cut-out has one sheet of heavy cover-weight paper at the "floor" of the recess and ribbons that are attached to tie the ring in; the "floor" of the cutout was also lined with dark brown leather to set off the ring

- dark brown satin ribbon page marker

- cover is dark brown goatskin leather and eggshell linen book cloth over binder's board in a 3/4 binding layout

- copper lines on cover added using brass rule, hot foil stamping, and copper stamping foil

- cover decorations added using custom metal dies, hot foil stamping, dark brown stamping pigment, and copper stamping foil

- raised cords on the spine

- tiny stamped acorns on spine in copper play off the oak tree on the back cover and reference the relationship growing through the years

- raised cords outlined with blind stamped lines

- lettering on cover and spine added using moveable metal type, hot foil stamping, and copper stamping foil

- approximately $390

- plus the cost of the custom metal dies made to stamp the initials on the front cover (approximately $140 for that die) 



three quarter binding engagement book cloth outer wrap made by customer


hand-sewn fabric wrap made by my customer for presentation and protection of the book



three quarter binding engagement ring book back cover


three quarter binding engagement ring book back cover detail


three quarter binding engagement ring book spine


three quarter binding engagement ring book endpapers


three quarter binding engagement ring book open


three quarter binding engagement ring book ring detail






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