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To order one of my books, e-mail me at tedra@fineblankbooks.com

I enjoy collaborating with you, my customers, to create the book you are imagining.  Please e-mail me at tedra@fineblankbooks.com to start working on your custom order.  (Also, click on the link above to my Information page to read more under the headings “custom orders” and “how custom orders work”.) 

If you are interested in a custom book, please contact me to discuss the details of a possible order.  Every detail affects the price.  If you see something in my gallery on this site, but feel the price for "something like that" is too high for you, please contact me because sometimes there are ways to decrease the cost of an order by using different cover materials, or simplifying a cover design and I can't give you a price on YOUR possible order until we discuss the specifics by e-mail.

Blank books can be used as journals, guest books (for weddings or other events such as retirement and anniversary parties), sketch books, travel journals, or as a place to record family recipes and/or family stories....really the sky is the limit.  Some people even continue the old Victorian-era custom of having a guest book for their house where guests write an entry whenever they come to the house for a dinner party or other event.

Every book on this site has been made by me, by hand.  What you are paying for when buying a book like this is the time and care involved in the design and assembly.  The more complicated the construction, the more expensive the book.  These are REAL books that are made to last.

Please look around for as long as you like and thanks for visiting my blank book website!

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Tedra K. Ashley-W., bookbinder

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My name is Tedra Ashley-Wannemuehler and I am a professional bookbinder.  By that I mean that I do bookbinding as a full time job, 5 days a week (sometimes more!).  It is my profession, NOT a hobby.  You can learn more about the small bindery where I work at the website www.lincolnbindery.com

I truly enjoy making blank books completely by hand.  I originally set up this site to act as an outlet for selling the blank books I had already made after I decided to stop selling my books at summer arts festivals where the unpredictable weather (and sometimes unpredictable festival-goers) were not the best environment for my books.

Over time, I have realized that what I enjoy most is making custom books.  Currently, about 99% of the work I receive from this site consists of order for one-of-a-kind custom journals, albums, guest books, and boxes for books.

I have a number of already-finished blank books for sale.  Please click on the link near the top of this page to see everything that I currently have available for purchase.

fine blank books
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Books available for purchase on the "Books for Sale" page

I rarely make already-finished books for sale these days, but I've added a few new ones, including those pictured below!  Please click on any of the photos below to be taken to the "Books for Sale" page where you can see more photos, specific details, and prices on already-finished books that can be shipped immediately.
If these books were custom-ordered, they would cost more, so you're getting a bit of a break on price with an already-completed, ready-to-go book.  And some of the older already-completed books have been marked down.  Please check the "Books for Sale" page and scroll down to find the price cuts in the sale section.
Like one of the books pictured below?  Click on the image to be taken directly to the information page on that book.

2015 Annual Cyber Monday Free Book Give-Away Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be giving away two handcrafted books on Monday, November 30, 2015.  The contest is free.  Shipping is free: even international shipping.


Starting at midnight in the first seconds of November 30, 2015 CENTRAL TIME (this is Sunday night going in to Monday) and lasting 24 hours (until midnight central time on Monday going in to Tuesday), every e-mail I receive with the subject "CONTEST" will go into a drawing for two blank books.  Entries received before the contest opens or after it closes will not be eligible.

The first name drawn from all entries received on Cyber Monday will be the first place winner and the second name drawn will be the second place winner (see photos of prizes below). 

The winners will be notified by e-mail in the early hours of Tuesday, December 1st.  Winner's first names will also be posted on the fine blank books Facebook page and on my Twitter feed.

The first place winner gets to have their book cover customized with up to 3 lines of lettering and/or a bit of decoration.

The second place winner will recieve an already-finished books (no customization).  For more photos of the second place prize book, please go to fine blank books on Facebook (there is a direct link further down this page).

I do not use your e-mails for anything other than this contest.

Spread the word!  Tell your friends!  Anyone can enter.  Good luck!

First Place Prize:
Handmade journal with 100 pages of LINED off-white paper.  Page size is just under 7" wide by 8.5" tall.  This book has mottled tan parchment-look endpapers.  The cover is made up of many pieces of blue and blue-green goatskin book leather fitted flush against each other.  The winner can choose which side they want as the front cover of the book and can have the book personalized with up to three lines of lettering and perhaps some stamped decoration.
Second Place Prize:
Handmade journal with 100 pages of LINED off-white paper.  Page size is just under 7" wide by 8.5" tall.  This book has mottled tan parchment-look endpapers.  The cover is made up of dark brown linen book cloth and burgundy vellum book cloth decorated in an arts and crafts style with a pewter foil dragonfly and several copper foil squares.